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2018 Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics

The Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics will be held in Mexico City (late February and late April), Chile (March) and in Edmonton (one week a month in May, June, July and August, 2018). Please view the Citation in Applied Geostatistics tab of the following page for additional details: http://www.ccgalberta.com/geostatistics-courses/


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Established in 1999, the CCG focuses on developing the practice of geostatistics through teaching and applied research. Learn more about the CCG, our events and members, and how to become a member.


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Teaching is a focus area at the CCG. Browse the list of geostatistics courses offered to University of Alberta students and the industry courses offered to mining, petroleum, and environmental engineering and geoscience professionals.


The CCG develops a Knowledge Base with a large volume of papers, software, and best-practices for geostatistical modeling. Learn more about the resources available and how to get access.

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